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What is the meaning of charisma? 3 Factors that influence it

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  • Noviembre 2022
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What is charisma? 

Communication is the basis of which any business must thrive. Without it, the business landscape would not exist. There are those, however, that stand out in the business world and excel in the realm of communication. These people would ultimately have charisma, or the ability to communicate most effectively through their charm and relatability to inspire others. Charisma is not something that everyone may be able to achieve, but different people are good at different things. Charisma is simply an outlet for those who love to express themselves in front of an audience. When awards ceremonies are held, studios tend to hire the most charismatic people for the job, due to their ability to present themselves in the most effective way possible. There are three major factors of charisma, all of which are imperative in effective communication.


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Main factors of charisma


A good speaker knows exactly what they are going to say and how they are going to say it. People love good speeches and all the best speeches have no errors at the time of being said. That is because these speakers use articulation immaculately. Without the ability to speak fluently and understandably, the audience may get lost, or worse, bored by what a person is saying. A charismatic speaker allows the rhythm of their words so much of the work, thus moving the audience and those listening. It is hard to believe just how much listeners get into a trance when it comes to a good speaker. It is the type of thing where nobody notices because there are no errors and it comes out so naturally, so there is no room to criticize speaking ability. Eloquence and class are among the most important factors, also speaking patterns that allow the audience to easily understand the speaker.


Ethos and pathos

Back in high school, everyone gets taught about ethos and pathos. The definitions are simple, with ethics defining the former and emotions defining the latter. A charismatic person speaks with the intent of stirring up these two core leverages in being effective at speaking. Ethos is essential in relating to the person being spoken to. Everyone has a moral code and things they believe to be wrong and right. Appealing to these sensibilities and getting to know the person allows for a very charismatic presence to be shown. Just as important is the use of pathos, which leaves emotional resonance within the listener. A charismatic person relates not only to ethical considerations of a person or of people, but seems relatable based on their emotions. Part of being charismatic is allowing the person to believe that they are just like everyone else. It’s the opportunity to have a human connection with someone, with the only difference being the ability to communicate a bit more effectively. Just consider Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream” speech. Emotional and resonant, but still effective in giving its audience an understandable message.


Risk taking

Finally, the most charismatic person is always willing to put themselves on the line and take the necessary risks for a company and its community. They allow for accepting all kinds of ideas, allowing everyone to feel welcome and like their ideas are valued. In doing so, it seems as though there is more at play than just one person, yet there is still one person at the helm allowing for themselves to take responsibility for the words being dictated as well as the people's collective ideas. It takes a good, charismatic leader to be able to do all of these things effectively.


We recommend that you continue updating yourself on the latest trends and acquire the right knowledge. If you want to know more about charisma and its influence, we invite you to take a look at our Master's degree in Marketing Management.


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