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Can you work in Spain with a student visa?

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  • Junio 2023
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_ESIC Business & Marketing School

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To answer the question very directly: yes, it is totally allowed to get a job in Spain with only a student visa. However, there are a few contingencies and specifications to keep in mind. For starters, a student visa only allows a student to work for 30 hours within a week. It would be important to note that if one wants to get a new card issued after August 2022, then the foreigner must prove that their job is compatible with their studies. 

Requirements to get a work visa in Spain


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With all the people who seek this kind of lifestyle, there are certain requirements that one has to prove in order to get a work visa for Spain. One must prove that whatever job they get will not be their primary source of income, only a complementary side-job designed for support and not to interfere with their studies. The student has to be able to survive if they ever lose their job for whatever reason. It is also very important to know that time spent with a student visa does not count toward citizenship, and the student must renew the visa every year, making the capacity for work in future years able to grow. 

From student visa to work permit

One of the most attractive things about getting a work visa in Spain is that after the studies are finished, a student can turn their work visa into a work permit, allowing them to stay in the country and pursue a definitive career there. This is perfect for students who find themselves attached to Spain and all that it has to offer. This allows for full-time employment and even allows the student to work and study even more without any further penalties. All that is needed is a recommendation from a company, proof of a job in a managerial position, or a presentation of a business place that maps out the entire trajectory of the job. 

Post-study work visa in Spain

However, there are some students who may have a harder time finding a high position so quickly after graduating. These people do not need to fear because Spain also offers a “post-study work visa” that allows them to stay in the country for up to a year while they search for employment. This application should be done 60 days before the original work visa expires; then it would be too late. The application process requires the student to present their diploma, proof of financial support aside from the job, proof of health insurance, and a payment confirmation fee. The catch here is that the student cannot work during this time; they can only apply for a work permit after getting the job. 


How to find a job in Spain

It can seem like a daunting task to find a job in Spain, especially since many jobs available in Spain for college students are intentionally designed to be temporary. Especially if the job one is looking for happens to be part-time. One good tip is to look for a job in a field that does not require much experience to succeed. These jobs include bartending, being a receptionist, or working at hotels. 

Average pay and salary in Spain

On average, the salary for the typical Spanish resident is 23,000 Euros, which amounts to around $28,000, with the minimum wage being around $1,000. That means the average student will be making around half of that amount with a work visa. That is why proof of financial stability is a necessity and why it is important to have other support aside from the job. 

If you dream to study at ESIC, contact us and we will guide you through the whole process. We have personalized help for international students.Get in touch!

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