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Social media for businesses: which ones are the best?

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  • Noviembre 2022
_ESIC Business & Marketing School

_ESIC Business & Marketing School

ESIC Business & Marketing School.

One of the best tools for businesses: Social Media



We recommend that you continue updating yourself on the latest trends and acquire the right knowledge. If you want to know more about charisma and its influence, we invite you to take a look at our Online Specialized Course in Social Media Management.

When social media first made its way onto the public consciousness, its business application was little to none. Aside from being able to advertise using some of the earlier platforms, social media was not initially intended for businesses. That has completely changed, with many platforms even having business settings for their many users. But which of the major social media platforms is the best? That is a difficult question to answer, considering the many different uses so many of those websites actually have. However, they all have many advantages and disadvantages, worth evaluating in order to definitely know which one would be the best for certain businesses.


Choose the social media platform that best meets your requirements


  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LikendIn




While this may seem like the platform with the least amount of application, there are many benefits to using Twitter, mainly marketing. Most people find out about news, new events, and new products via Twitter. The ability for so many people to share what they consider to be the most popular thing at the time gives this platform the edge over many based simply on how many eyes are on it. While not necessarily the best choice for vivid descriptions and sometimes links remain unclicked, with the major draw being able to simply read a headline and get the most amount of information from it. It ultimately is certainly not the best, but can be a useful tool otherwise.



The new kid on the block, TikTok has a similar issue to Twitter with it being at a constant state of change and used for quick consumption. With this in mind, it still has among the most intuitive algorithms of any social media platform. If a business head wants the right person to advertise a very specific product, TikTok may be the best method to get it to the correct person. The app is very much in its infancy, especially compared to many others on the market, but all that means is that every year there will be new uses for the platform and it will become more and more prevalent within the business world.


Instagram is very much the best of both worlds in terms of social media platforms when comparing it to the previous two. It has the ability to share to millions of people, as well as an algorithm that allows for both text and videos catered to specific people. With Facebook (now Meta) having purchased it, many more applications were added as well, like a “shopping” tab for people to sell whatever they need.




The true classic social media platform, Facebook still shows no signs of slowing down. Having all of the previous platforms' applications, it remains on top for many reasons. Firstly, many people still use Facebook. With over 2 billion users, one can ensure many clicks and views on many business pages. Not only this, but its messenger and marketplace sections are the single best social media tool for businesses. The ability to not only buy and sell goods with average, every day people is a true marvel. Businesses nowadays use Facebook Marketplace as their primary selling point.



The black sheep of the list. LinkedIn may seem like an outlier, but it’s used are unmatched within the landscape. While not a traditional platform, it is the best way to get a footing within the world of many of these businesses and world as a digital portfolio/resume for businesses and people alike. A perfect way for likeminded business heads to meet, as well as for the right person to find the right job at the right place. It’s a lot less commercial and is almost useless for use as a marketing tool, especially in comparison to the others on the list, but has its own special uses.


While it may seem arbitrary, considering the many uses each of these have, there must be a choice for the best. Ultimately, Facebook and LinkedIn are the best choices because of their versatility as well as growing numbers. Facebook does a lot of what all social media platforms do and it’s Marketplace is among the best on the internet. LinkedIn is a great way for businesses to communicate with each other and find the right person for their jobs. 


We recommend that you continue updating yourself on the latest trends and acquire the right knowledge. If you want to know more about social media for businesses, we invite you to take a look at our Online Specialized Course in Social Media Management.

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