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Accommodation in Spain: Options for internationals students

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  • Junio 2024
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Selecting the right accommodation in Spain is very important, especially for international students. The process may sometimes be difficult but if you have been informed about the best way to go about it, it is quite simple. Spain has various types of lodgings, and the features of each are adapted to everyone’s individual needs and pockets

1. Student residence in Spain: A popular choice 


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A student residence is probably the most popular type of accommodation for students. These residences offer social life, which is important for making friends and creating a social life. They are fully equipped with furniture, internet access, laundering facilities and they sometimes even provide meals. 

Staying at a student residence is convenient, as most of them are situated near universities, which means that the students spend less time on traveling due to not having to cover the cost of fuel. 

2. Private apartments for students 

The other form of accommodation for students who study in Spain is to rent a house. This choice is less conspicuous and enables students to be more self-reliant. It means that students are free to choose their area of residence, the size of the apartment or flat they wish to live in, and the people they wish to live with. 

It is also convenient to live in an apartment because the student will just be a normal tenant of a home where they can observe the culture of the country. However, more accountability is required in aspects such as utility expenses, property management and complying with the lease terms. 

3. Shared flats: A budget-friendly option 

Shared flats are quite popular and are one of the cheapest types of accommodation in Spain. Most students share the flat with other students or young working people, which means they pay a proportional part of the rent and the utility bills. This type of housing enhances interaction among people and also reduces the cost of living. As most of the shared flats are furnished, the actual costs of moving in will be less than for other types of accommodation. 

4. Homestays: An iImmersive cultural experience 

For those who want to understand more about Spanish culture, homestays are ideal for students looking for accommodation in Spain. The students live with a Spanish family which allows them to improve their Spanish and also learn more about Spanish culture. 

Food is sometimes served in homestays, and most are relatively inexpensive. This option is suitable for students who want to learn Spanish while living with a host family. 

5. University accommodation 

Almost all universities have student housing in Spain for their students. They are often located on a strategic central campus or close to the academic and administrative buildings. 

The accommodation offered by universities for students offers them security and there are always people to provide assistance if the students have any problems. 

6. Temporary accommodation options 

When they arrive in Spain, students may require what is known as temporary accommodation while they look for a home. These include hostels, hotels and other short-term accommodation facilities, for instance, Airbnb. 

This type of temporary accommodation gives the students the opportunity to look for a new, more permanent home in the city. 

Choosing the right accommodation 

However, there are some aspects that need to be taken into consideration when selecting student accommodation in Spain. The location is important; proximity to the campus and public transport can be very useful. The cost is also an important aspect of the decision, as prices differ, depending on the type of lodging. 

Moreover, students should consider factors such as whether or not they are sociable and whether they require certain facilities such as internet access and laundering facilities. 

Benefits of living in a student residence 

Staying at a student residence in Spain has many benefits, apart from the advantage of creating a ready-made network, which helps students make friends and get used to university life. 

A large number of student residences provide opportunities for social activities and events, thus contributing to the students’ satisfaction. Also, student residences are more comprehensive in terms of services, where rent usually includes electricity, water, internet access, and in some cases, even meals. 

Challenges and tips for finding accommodation 

Selecting proper accommodation in Spain can be difficult, especially at the beginning of the semester. 

Students are advised to do this as soon as possible, with the options of searching through university housing offices, the internet and real estate agencies. More information and leads can also be gained through contacting current students and participating in social media groups. 

Selecting the appropriate accommodation in Spain is very important to guarantee the best possible experience for the student during their studies. 

When deciding between a student residence, a private apartment, a shared flat or a homestay, each option has its advantages. Students can easily find the most suitable accommodation by considering their preferences, costs, and areas of interest in Spain. 

If you dream to study at ESIC, contact us and we will guide you through the whole process. We have personalized help for international students, get in touch! 

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