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The best universities in Spain to study as an American student

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  • Julio 2023
_ESIC Business & Marketing School

_ESIC Business & Marketing School

ESIC Business & Marketing School.

What is a TIE card and is it necessary to study in Spain?

A Spanish Foreigner Identity card is one of the most crucial documents needed for those who want to move to Spain, for whatever reason it may be. This card is known in Spain as the Tarjeta de Identitdad de Extranjero (or TIE, for short). The card itself has all the necessary information needed to identify the foreigner, such as a name, expiration date for the card, and a one-of-a-kind number known simply as the Foreigner Identity Number, which allows people to be properly identified as people from outside of Spain.

What is the Foreigner Identitiy Number (NIE)?

This number is applicable to anyone who intends to stay in Spain for over six months. So certain students, for example, may not need this card if they end up only studying in Spain for a semester or a short holiday. Any documents that are given out directly in Spain, such as the TIE card, will surely have this number on them. It has seven numbers and two letters. One can choose one of two ways to apply for this: either by going to a Spanish Consulate in the home country or when applying for the TIE card in Spain itself. Anyone who is from the European Union, the European Economic Area, and Switzerland do not need the card to remain in Spain, however.

Conditions to apply for the TIE card

If one decides to apply for the card while already in Spain, they must do so with haste. People only have one month to apply for the TIE card, which is why it is very important to do it sooner than later. The actual application can be filled out this month, but getting the actual card may take longer. Any place accepts the confirmation for the application as a valid form of entry in case the process takes too long; one only needs to apply within the month and intends to fulfill the application process. In terms of finding employment, however, one must first apply for social security and then be eligible for the TIE card afterward. The application must be submitted at any place where proper authorities will surely get it. Either the post office or a police station in Spain should suffice.

Necessary documentation for the TIE card

There are a few necessary documents that are necessary to be turned in when applying for a TIE card. The first is Form EX15. If one has not gotten their NIE in their home country, then this form should be filled out alongside the application to relieve that number along with the card itself. Then next is Form EX-17, which is the actual form for the TIE card. It must be printed two times and signed. Next is a recent photograph in color and matching Spanish requirements. If one intends to be employed, then one must also submit a registration of social security and proof of payment for the card fee.

Application fees and regulations for the TIE card

The application for a TIE card must be completed online, at any of the websites for any of the relevant Spanish authorities, like the post office or a police station. One should be sure to arrive at the office on time and in an orderly fashion to ensure a good presentation and that they will not be entering the country without merit. All documents must also be present, for after they are submitted, the person will get a document confirming the application. It usually takes around a month to receive the card. / The fee is usually somewhere between 9 and 12 euros.

More important information to keep in mind

A TIE card has the same value as a residence permit for any other foreigner, so there is no bias at all. Any card that has been lost, damaged, or even solemn can be recovered, but one must go through the entire application process again, save for acquiring an NIE number. Once again, the time limit becomes a month to begin the application process once again. The card does not get renewed, however, and the expiration date will remain the same as when it was first acquired.

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