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Instagram Live, a way of “breaking” the safe distance between brands and consumers

Instagram Live, a way of “breaking” the safe distance between brands and consumers

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  • Febrero 2020
Paco Lorente

Paco Lorente

Docente internacional de Marketing en España (ESIC) y Colombia (ESUMER). Ingeniero Técnico en Diseño Industrial; Ingeniero en Organización Industrial; Máster en Dirección de Marketing y Diplomado en Pedagogía y Didáctica de la Educación Superior. Director Creativo de Sinaia Marketing. Premio al Mejor Blog de Marketing en español 2015.

If a reason exists for why my love of marketing is so great, it is because of the ability it has to continuously surprise me. We have already spent several weeks inside the spiral caused by the COVID-19 virus and something has particularly stood out: the ability we have to adapt to new situations.

Although it seems complicated, uncomfortable and even unnatural, this new situation of confinement sharpens resourcefulness and creativity is expressed in a totally novel way. Sometimes even spontaneously.

If we look at the environment from a marketing point of view, we are able to distinguish drastic actions, movements and twists and turns in the strategies of many brands and companies, even effected relatively swiftly, something which in normal situations is tremendously complicated.

This strange situation leaves us with a great deal we can learn, much critical thinking and a road ahead which leads from the proximity between the consumer and the brand to the sincerest cohesion between them.

On this occasion, and linked to the latest entry on Response by brands and society to a turbulent environment I would like to focus on the closeness the user looks for and finds through social media and especially by live feeds on Instagram.

There are many singular aspects that can lead us to draw conclusions on the behaviour of consumers in extreme situations, but this connection between brands and consumers in real time is perhaps one of the most innovative that we have witnessed.

When we have an environment which forces us to keep a safe distance, and therefore reduce physical expression and contact to its minimum, we have found in this simple feature of Instagram a haven for one of our most primary needs.

These days we find a great number of options if we visit the recommendations of live feeds in Instagram Stories: from chefs with Michelin stars who offer exclusive recipes to prepare at home to concerts and festivals by A-list music groups and singers, all without leaving the comfort of your living room, live and free of charge. It is a minor luxury which is taking the world by storm and has become a daily fixture for millions of consumers.

Brands are now closer than ever. Many of them are being humane, friendly and offering a value which the consumer appreciates and consumes with full awareness.There is an incredible amount to choose from. Below, I will talk about three propositions that especially stand out and, in addition to those previously mentioned, you can attend a wine tasting event, a painting masterclass, make-up classes or even continue your training with the free ESIC webinars.

Without doubt, these words, which are always with me and I bring out in the worst of times, have a priceless value at the moment: turn threats into opportunities. And this is what brands are doing, some very creatively, like the following:

Live virtual Beer-Tasting by Estrella Galicia Especial

Bars are closed? No problem; I can keep my consumers close thanks to Instagram Live and offer them valuable content on my product.Estrella Galicia has seized the moment to carry out a live beer-tasting event and so give out free and exclusive knowledge to all of its followers: a way to stay in the mind of the consumer at this time and perhaps be the chosen brand to stack the fridge at home.

Make churros at home with La Tapeoteca

I can´t go out to a restaurant for dinner? No problem. This restaurant gives you the chance to become an expert and surprise your family with a special, traditional breakfast of hot chocolate and churros.La Tapioca launched a genuine live feed to teach how to make homemade churros at the hands of their chef Manuel Álvarez. Also, it proposes posting the results on the social network with the chance to win a prize from the brand.

Do housetting with Donettes and Júlia Pericas

Without doubt, the most special from my point of view. Faithful to its philosophy of surprising and attracting a young audience, Donettes programmed a live dance masterclass with Júlia Pericas, dance and image instructor for the latest campaign by the brand.

Under the denomination “housetting”, the snack brand continues to promote the viral challenge which it presented with its latest product launch, in which the user had to dance according to the colour which randomly appeared on the inside of the pack of Donettes.

Now, with this approach it keeps the campaign alive and awards a live dance session, which I´m sure will brighten the lives of children of all ages.

These new situations are generated by the new scenario we are living today, but it is also something which we must also learn from. Success has not only been granted to Instagram Live, but also to dozens of streaming, videocall and online game platforms.

Distance has made us search for new ways to try to be more together. The questions are: will all of this still be here after this is over? And will a new trend or business model be born from this live use of social networks?

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