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What is after-sales service and what is its importance?

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  • Noviembre 2022
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  • Noviembre 2022
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If you have ever bought an item, something like an appliance or electronic device, then there is a good chance that there was some kind of after-sale service attached to that purchase. Whether it was an extended warranty or the ability to call for help if any need arises, this is what after-sales service is all about. Basically helping the customer out after the initial purchase. There are many benefits and reasons to include after-sales service in any business endeavor.



Benefits of after-sales service

Among these benefits has to be customer satisfaction. After-sales services cause the consumer to feel safe and in control of their entire purchase. Even after making said purchase, they are allowed the luxury of being able to ask for any kind of help in case of any inconvenience or misconception. Any kind of good customer satisfaction allows for loyal customers as well as getting them to spread the world about the quality of purchase they made. Customer satisfaction is to make it or break it for almost any company, and a bad reputation in that field could ruin any kind of company growth in the future.


Examples of after-sales service

  • Warranties
  • Online support
  • Call centers
  • FAQ[1] 



One of the many attractive things to the eye of the consumer is the guarantee that their purchase was not in vain and it will function as advertised. But, as we all know, mistakes can happen, and in case of one of these, many products contain warranties that allow for a money return or a new product in case the initially bought one turns out to be defective. Some warranties even go as far as to guarantee an all new product after a Shriner has done some sort of specific damage to it, such as water or fall damage.


Online support

The modern way to communicate with a company after making a purchase is to consider asking for online support. One of the many benefits of online support is a generally quick response, as most operators either are trained to be fast or are simply automated, allowing for ease in communication and efficiency in help. Let’s say someone buys a new television, but they are not sure how to change the language, they could in turn ask for a quick reference in the online support chat and have their answer hopefully within minutes.


Call centers

If online support is too modern and someone prefers a more personal interaction, then many companies still also offer call centers for a more detailed approach. Similar to online support, call centers allow consumers to speak to direct representatives that can guide them through any inconvenience step by step. This is the ideal route for those who need extra help and have either a hard time reading or understanding the directions for the product they bought. A good call center has friendly representatives that sound eager to help as well as provide the best possible service for their customers.



Kind of a faster way to experience both of the previously mentioned services, but one that may be the quickest, yet least informative. FAQ stands for frequently asked questions, and its purpose is to fill those gaps in knowledge that the majority of customers have. Generally, online services or call centers get asked the same questions very often, and having an FAQ for any company, product, or service allows the consumer to browse through any potential questions they may have before needing to interact with someone. Many times these services get filled with eager customers to get their questions answered, and having an FAQ makes the process of it a much simpler one.


We recommend that you continue updating yourself on the latest trends and acquire the right knowledge. If you want to know more about after-sales service and its importance, we invite you to take a look at our Online Specialised Course in Customer Experience Management






  • Fecha de publicación
  • Noviembre 2022
  • Management
  • Artículo

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