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Master’s Degrees in Barcelona: Essential information for students

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  • Julio 2024
_ESIC Business & Marketing School

_ESIC Business & Marketing School

ESIC Business & Marketing School.

Barcelona is one of the best places to do a Master’s Degree because of its dynamic culture, well-accredited academic institutions and high employment rate.  

Due to its unique culture, architecturally diverse environment and active nightlife, Barcelona is not just an education, but a life experience. It has a Mediterranean climate, so students can enjoy the weather, visit landmarks and take part in cultural festivals. In addition,  the city has a privileged location in Europe, which makes it easy to move around there and get to other European cities, thus improving the learning process. 


In ESIC, we offer personalized assistance for international students, contact us!

Why choose Barcelona to do a Master's Degree? 

Studying a Master’s Degree in Barcelona is a great option, as it combines the highest quality education with a rewarding cultural experience. Education is also well developed in the city, with many famous universities and research facilities, creating an atmosphere that encourages further education. 

At present, Barcelona has many universities that are famous for their effective approach to education, research, and collaboration with businesses. These aspects ensure that the students receive a quality education that is both theoretical and practical. Moreover, the diverse environment of Barcelona and its vast number of international students means that students from different backgrounds will find it easy to succeed and expand their connections. 

Top universities with Master’s Degree programs 

Barcelona has several world-class universities with Master’s Degree programs for students. Among these, ESIC Business & Marketing School stands out as a premier institution for postgraduate education, particularly in business and marketing. It consists of two campuses: the Business School located at 124 Marià Cubí Street, inaugurated in 2005, and the University Campus at 2-4 Paseo Santa Eulàlia, inaugurated in 2017 as an affiliated center of the Rovira i Virgili University. 

ESIC offers a wide range of highly regarded postgraduate programs designed to prepare students for successful careers in various fields such as Management, Marketing, Technology, International Business, Communication and Advertising, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Logistics, and Finance. The school is recognized for its excellence and innovation in education, providing a comprehensive learning environment with experienced faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and strong industry connections. 

The MBA programs at ESIC are internationally acclaimed and hold the prestigious AMBA accreditation, a testament to their high quality and global recognition. Students at ESIC benefit from being part of a large, global network of over 66,000 alumni, which provides valuable opportunities for networking and career advancement. 

International students are well-supported at ESIC, with resources and guidance available to help them integrate and succeed. Additionally, the school fosters entrepreneurship by offering advice and access to its business incubator, making it an ideal choice for those looking to start their own business. 

Overall, ESIC Business & Marketing School is a leading choice for students seeking top-tier postgraduate education in Barcelona, renowned for its cutting-edge programs and strong focus on practical, career-oriented training. 

Popular Master’s Degree programs 

There are many Master’s Degree programs in Barcelona, including business, engineering arts, and social sciences, among others. Some of the common areas of study are international management and entrepreneurship education in business programs to prepare students for the global economy.  

Engineering programs focus on creativity and the aspect of stewardship in handling technological issues, which makes the graduates well-equipped to handle various technological issues. Arts and social sciences programs allow students to study cultural, social, and historical issues in depth, which helps to develop their critical thinking and creativity. These programs are meant to equip the students with adequate knowledge and skills that will enable them to excel in their chosen fields. 

Admission requirements 

The following general admission requirements are necessary to do a Master’s Degree in Barcelona: normally, students must have a Bachelor’s Degree in the relevant field, and they must have passed a language proficiency test, and, in some cases, they must sit entrance exams or attend interviews. For programs taught in English, the students may be required to pass the TOEFL or IELTS English proficiency test. 

Additional documents may also be required, including letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, or a portfolio of the work done. It is crucial to pay attention to the special admission requirements of the chosen programs and organize all the appropriate documents to facilitate the application process. 

Language of instruction 

Nowadays, many Master’s Degree programs in Barcelona are taught in English to accommodate foreign students. However, there are also Catalan and Spanish versions of the programs for users who are well acquainted with these languages. This multilingual approach guarantees that students will be able to find the programs they are most comfortable with in terms of language. 

Business, engineering, and international relations are some of the areas that offer English-taught programs, thus allowing the program to be open to people from all over the world. For students who wish to learn Spanish or Catalan or any other language, it is a good opportunity to learn the language by practicing and by joining the language classes conducted by the universities. 

Scholarships and financial aid 

There are several scholarships and financial aid initiatives that students can apply for when doing a Master's Degree in Barcelona. These may help meet tuition costs and daily needs, thereby enabling people to attend school. Some are provided by the Spanish government, the institutions of each particular university and international organizations. 

Scholarships can be classified into merit and need-based, where merit-based scholarships are offered to students who perform well academically and need-based scholarships are offered to financially-needy students. Also, some universities provide research assistantships or teaching assistantships, where a person is paid to work in some capacity. Students are advised to look for and apply for these opportunities in order to minimize their expenses and concentrate on their books. 

Living in Barcelona 

Life in Barcelona is bright and varied. The city’s historical background, along with its architecture, and social life, makes it an interesting place in which to study and live. Students can visit sites as La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, and the Gothic Quarter, because of the mild Mediterranean climate, characterized by its warm and rather dry summers, which makes it possible to organize many outdoor events and beach trips.  

It is quite inexpensive compared to other cities in Europe and there are many accommodation facilities that one can choose from, depending on their financial capacity. Public transport is well-developed and inexpensive, which allows students to move around the city and its surrounding areas without any problems. 

Career opportunities 

Employers in Barcelona place great value on graduates with Master's Degrees, and for this reason,, many businesses seek such candidates. The economic base of the city is robust and the business connections are vast, which offers many opportunities for graduates. Barcelona is home to technological, financial, tourism and creative art industries, providing a wealth of opportunities.  

Many universities in the city have established links with local and international companies that offer internships and placements, career fairs, and job placement centers. This link between the academic institution and the business world is beneficial in enabling the students to get the real-life working experience and contacts they need in the modern job market.  

If you dream to study at ESIC, contact us and we will guide you through the whole process. We have personalized help for international students, get in touch! 

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