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AI, an ally or a threat to humanity?

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  • Abril 2023
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  • Abril 2023
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Yolanda Barneda

Yolanda Barneda

Facilitadora de soft skills en ESIC. Co-creadora consciente de bienestar integral corporativo

Certificada en coaching ejecutivo

As Stephen Hawking wisely predicted ‘AI is likely to be either the best or the worst thing to happen to humanity”. Therefore, we need to start going beyond what seems to be an unavoidable future and start considering what we, as humanity, are longing for when it comes to the peak of the so-called Third industrial revolution, quoted by Jeremy Rifkin in his book by the same name. AI is here and it is up to us to define its boundaries.


Granted that human beings are here to experience and keep evolving and virtual technology is part of that growth. However, with the ferociously upcoming of an overpowering AI we need to start asking ourselves crucial questions before this irresistible beast wipes us out. Who are we? Who do we want to become? What is the inner purpose of AI? To what extent do we really want to fall into its alluring, seductive grasp? Do we have a choice to stand aloof from it?



Should we fear Artificial Intelligence?

It has been stated that AI will know it all. It is being nourished by an immeasurable source of data that is being constantly stored by all of our online feeds. It is constantly assembling the best of our minds into a mighty creator of a double life which is bound to become the next ruler of the universe. How can we protect ourselves from such a compelling force? Will we become avatars of virtual reality and play a never-ending game? Is the Matrix already here?


It is already being claimed that most of us will be paid a basic salary to cover our primary needs to just survive since most of our current jobs will be seized by AI. That thought scares the hell out of me as a human being. A void filled by a machine which is able to provide us with a click. A void filled by what has been, rather than by what we are or choose to be at any moment. A void that will be dispensed as if we were encaged animals unable to create, simply being fed. Is that what we really crave for as human beings?


Along the side of AI, we are facing a boost of human consciousness. Human beings are becoming more and more aware of their limitless unpredictable power to transform reality. It has been proclaimed that human beings are divine creators having an earthly experience. If that is so, there are significant questions that we need to address urgently; what do we want to make of this power? Is this power being challenged by AI or is it being fostered? Will we be able to bring forward a healthy co-existence of humanity with AI? What would that be like? Who do we see ourselves becoming in this foreseeable virtual reality?


It would be too preposterous on my side to provide a biased response to any of these questions but this is a call to start digging deep down to unite different spheres to an issue that needs to be evaluated before we start misusing it or doing more harm than good. Is there a way to turn a beast into beauty?


As an ending note, this article has been written with no AI help. For the moment, I am making use of my own inner vessel as a source. Writing may be revolutionized in no time and thus become a joint enterprise between writers and AI. How will this be managed and who will own the rights is another matter of discussion bound to arise in the foreseeable future. What will this unboundless access not only to knowledge but also to action make of our careers is here to be debated.


We recommend that you continue updating yourself on the latest trends and acquire the right knowledge about AI. We invite you to take a look at our Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence.

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  • Abril 2023
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