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Student life in Valencia: reasons to study here and cost of living

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  • Junio 2023
_ESIC Business & Marketing School

_ESIC Business & Marketing School

ESIC Business & Marketing School.

Valencia is Spain’s third largest city and one of the ones that is filled with the richest history and most varied cultures. Like many other cities in Spain, Valencia is growing each year with other students, making it a prime destination for any incoming students looking for a new place to check out. Valencia’s inviting nature is a great way for any student to accommodate themselves in a smooth and effortless manner. While a good education is important, students today are looking for more. A place to relax and maybe even learn something new in the process. 

Culture and landmarks in Valencia


If you dream to study at ESIC, contact us and we will guide you through the whole process. We have personalized help for international students, get in touch!

With Valencia being a place that is filled with cultural landmarks and a rich history, it can be easy for students to get lost in all it has to offer in that regard. The main attraction here being La Ciutat Vella, also known as the Old Town. Considering the more modern aesthetic that the rest of the city of Valencia presents. This place stands out in a very varied landscape. Plus, it is a great place to analyze classic architecture and compare it to more modern sensibilities. Valencia is filled with other markets, monuments, and historical buildings, not only in the Old Town. 

La Tomatina

If the classic visuals presented in the Old Town are not enough for the more adventurous types, then La Tomatina is a perfect way to dive in oneself in the culture of Valencia. Consider this the world's largest food battle. With hundreds of people, including many college students, gathering once a year in the Valencian town of Buñol to throw tomatoes at one another, this is a great and unique way to both learn about the culture as well as meet new and likeminded people. Just be sure to buy the tickets in advance because it is such a popular event that it sells out unbelievably fast. 

Student life in Valencia

Valencia is a beach city and with that comes many opportunities to alter the way one traditionally goes through school. Beaches are a perfect place for students to study peacefully and unwind after a long day of school. Also, the many parks and natural beauty make it a perfect opportunity to get in touch with nature in a more personal way. Plus, parties and bars are a dime a dozen, and it seems like a great way to balance that slide of studying diligently during the day and unwinding at night with a night out with friends or a lonely night with a good book. Either way, Valencia offers the best alternatives for both. 

Spanish immersion

One of the main reasons to study in a city like Valencia is to immerse oneself in the culture as well as the Spanish language. It is necessary for someone wanting to learn Spanish to surround themselves with the language. Valencia is a perfect place to learn Spanish and maybe even pick up a few other phrases exclusive to the Valencian dialogue. Either way one can learn a lot from having the opportunity to surround yourself with the language and culture in Valencia. 

Cost of living in Valencia

Valencia is a perfectly affordable place to live in Europe and Spain in general. Student housing generally starts at around 300 euros a month, making living there not a hugely expensive process. There are even many options available all over the hottest university hotspots, making for great places to meet new people while eating some cheap and delicious food in the process. The cost of living is much lower than other cities in Europe, making this a top destination for incoming international students. If you are looking for a fun, cheap, culturally rich, and beautiful place to advance your degree in, Valencia might be the place for you. 

If you dream to study at ESIC, contact us and we will guide you through the whole process. We have personalized help for international students, get in touch!

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